Board of Directors

President's Message


We have embarked on a modest mission to try and make North American Konkani Association (NAKA) an umbrella organization for all the Konkani associations in North America.

What does this mean?

In all the years past, the NAKA board has done a fantastic job in carrying out the responsibilities for our organization. One of their primary goals was to help identify a host committee for our Konkani Sammelan.

Konkani Sammelan has been considered as one of the ways we can bring Konkanis from North America together to celebrate our unique culture, language, heritage and food. NAKA has provided the initial seed money and guidance to the host committee to help carry out this event successfully. Earlier, NAKA was chiefly just the architect of the Sammelan; now, NAKA will take a more proactive approach to bring the Konkani community together as a whole for future generations to come. One of the major initiatives we have started is to redo our website,, and make it a major services platform for all Konkanis to visit and to share our experiences, write blogs, share Konkani recipes, provide Konkani matrimonial services and networking opportunities for our seniors, create and upload short Konkani language videos and any other services valued by our community.

For this vision to be realized, we need your help. Your contributions to the MyNAKA website is an integral part of making this happen. Each and every single one of you can do your part by actively participating on this journey with us in order to help make an accessible resource for Konkanis everywhere.

The NAKA board will create different committees responsible for various tasks we desire to get done. Our first committee is already up and running. We would like to request that you regularly visit, register as a member and see how you can help. At the very least, we would like to have a few volunteers from each Konkani association in North America participate. We look forward to all of you in our journey in the next four years.