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North American Konkani Association

Collaborate with NAKA

NAKA as a true volunteer organization aims to work with various other organizations to ensure program success. It is our intent to work with causes dear to our members. Volunteer opportunities or fund-raising opportunities for NAKA or for cause-based charities (NGO's) can be planned under aegis of NAKA or joint-planning and joint-hosting. NAKA members can refer opportunities for collaborations by sending email to Thanks.


NAKA actively works with Corporations in their CSR initiatives. Interested corporations or organizations can register with us.


NAKA works with various NGOs to support their initiatives. Any NGOs interested to work with us are requested to register with us.

Other Institutions

NAKA works with other institutes like Mandirs, Trusts to support their Sewa initiatives. Interested institutions can register with us.

North American Konkani Association, 2465 Bergen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA

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