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About Mhalgade Corner

Amchi Mhalgade is a forum for our Seniors to identify the common issues, topics of importance to our Seniors and attempt to provide resources, links and support and assistance to them. It is clear that in North America, the population is aging fast. For example, in the last 15 years, the 85-99 age group increased by 90%. Like in all other communities, in our small Konkani community the number of seniors is growing very fast. A review of a number of population samples indicates that over 60 years group is much larger than the one under 30 years. Over 70 and over 80 years groups are also expanding fast. Amongst us, we already have a significant number of seniors who are over 90. With Sri. Sadanand Mankikar advancement in science and medicine, life expectancy is increasing, so soon we will have many centenarians among us.  In all age groups, percentage of women is much higher than men. The gap increases in higher age groups. In North American centenarians, more than 84% are women. In 105 plus group this ratio is much higher.

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