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North American Konkani Association

About NAKA Cares

NAKA aims to be an independent mediator that brings several services to people. Our vision of NAKA Cares is to create the sense of community where people all go out of the way to help each other. This is also where people who have been helped in the past by other Konkanis can pass-it-along and help others. Feel free to browse here if you need help or want to help others!. 

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Contact Our Volunteers

NAKA Volunteers all across North America (US and Canada) who are looking to help other Konkanis with any assistance as needed and as possible. .

Emergency Help

Where to contact some local NAKA volunteers  in case of emergency. This is not your primary source of emergency help but we will do our best to help any Konkani in North America needing help.

Safety Guidelines for USA

NAKA Cares safety guidelines for residents and visitors to the US. Some tips to make your stay and travel plans safer while in the US.

Student Visa Guidelines

NAKA suggestions for students seeking to come to US for higher studies.


Join NAKA and help people in need.


North American Konkani Association, 2465 Bergen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA

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